Comms Hub builds the power of pro-democracy and social justice movements to shape and shift public discourse through data-driven communications strategies.

We operate as a global network of strategic communications groups and social justice organizations that share a commitment to data-driven, collective communications.

About our network

At Comms Hub, we work together with our network to drive strategic communications for democracy and social justice. We prioritize long-term engagement with our network, emphasizing ongoing exchange, learning, and cross-pollination of ideas and best practices.

The Comms Hub Strategy embodies our unwavering commitment to empowering pro-democracy and social justice movements.

Anxela Iglesias, Comms Strategy, La Intersecció (our Spanish Member Hub)

“Networking and creating learning and experimentation communities are part of LaIntersecció’s DNA. Comms Hub is the perfect platform to advance the communication and promotion of LaIntersecció It has supported us in designing our campaigns and has provided us with opportunities to show our work.”

Our Priority Areas