Who we are

Comms Hub builds the power of pro-democracy and social justice movements to shape and shift public discourse through data-driven communications strategies.

We create actionable insights that link research directly to real-world applications. Collaboration and learning lie at the heart of our approach as we work with civil society and communities to enhance their narrative power and expand their impact.

We operate as a global network of strategic communications groups and social justice organizations that share a commitment to data-driven, collective communications.

Our Vision and Mission

We envision a world where everyone can actively engage in constructive public dialogue, fostering diverse perspectives and nurturing pluralistic, equitable, and democratic societies.

Comms Hub works as an accelerator of change by providing research and expertise to empower civil society and communities, equipping them with the tools and skills needed to shape and shift public narratives. We focus on fundamental rights that are increasingly contested but critical to the future of democracy and social justice. It is within these pivotal spaces that we advance constructive dialogue, ignite engagement, and mobilize collective action. Our priority areas include democracy, gender justice, climate justice, and disinformation.

Our values

We support pro-democratic civil society to achieve strategic communications that reach persuadable audiences at scale, with empathy and in support of open society values.

We are committed to bridging silos by bringing together individuals, communities, and organizations because we know cooperation and shared learning build knowledge and increase impact. We engage with diverse stakeholders, including activists, policymakers, artists, media, think tanks, researchers, and tech experts, to facilitate the exchange of ideas, expertise, and resources. This synergy amplifies our collective efforts and helps us move forward towards our shared goals. 

We understand that the landscape of social justice movements and public discourse is constantly evolving (especially in the digital communications ecosystems), requiring us to adapt and respond quickly. By being nimble, we effectively navigate complex environments and stay responsive and dynamic in our strategies and tactics.

We acknowledge the importance of tailoring our approaches to the unique needs and contexts of the communities in which we work. We prioritize meaningful engagement with movements and organizations, working with them as equal partners in the design, implementation, and evaluation of strategies.

Learning is at the heart of our work at Comms Hub. We are a learning organization, constantly seeking new insights, staying informed about emerging trends, and reflecting on our practices and impact. Through rigorous evaluation, sharing of best practices, and open dialogue, we ensure that our work is rooted in data-driven approaches, leading to more effective strategies.

Meet the team

Lilit Poghosyan

Managing Director

Alla Garcia

Knowledge and Operations Lead

Disha Arora

Global Campaigns Lead

Isabel Perez

Finance and Operations Coordinator

Matthew MacWilliams

Global Public Opinion Strategist

Wanda Sanchez

Global Digital Research Lead