What we do

Comms Hub works as an accelerator of change by providing research and expertise to empower civil society and communities, equipping them with the tools and skills needed to shape and shift public narratives.

We offer cutting-edge opinion research, narrative analysis, social media insights, message testing, campaign support, and customized training and mentorship to empower the movements in their communication efforts aimed at advancing democracy, social justice, and human rights.

Empowering Social Change

The challenges we’re addressing

Growing threats to social justice and democracy
Movements working on democracy, gender justice, and climate justice are facing mounting challenges. Illiberal actors exploit these issues, intentionally fueling divisions within public discourse and paving the way for regressive policies. The use of authoritarian tactics, coordinated on a global scale, poses an imminent threat to the very foundations of social justice, civil society, and democracy.

This dynamic strategic landscape has become further complicated by the alarming impact of disinformation, amplified by social media algorithms. The spread of false narratives and manipulated information exacerbates polarization, further undermining efforts for social justice and democracy.

NGOs, activists, and groups face limitations on their freedoms and the right to voice their dissent as repressive forces aim to consolidate power and increase dysfunction in communities and societies.

Siloed approaches weakening narrative change
While there is a growing commitment to narrative power for social justice and democracy, practical knowledge and data-driven approaches are often lacking. Collaborations and alliances are forming, but there is a need to bridge the gap between research and effective campaigning now. Siloed approaches to narrative change hinder the ability to address underlying threats and tactics, resulting in less effective responses and a lack of clear overarching pathways for promoting social justice. There needs to be an increased understanding of data-driven communication strategies applied collectively.

Our Approaches

Data-driven communications fostering inclusive societies

Through these approaches, we are committed to driving data-driven communications that contribute to inclusive and equitable societies. By encouraging collaboration, sharing knowledge, and amplifying the voices of communities targeted by intolerance, we strive to build a world where pro-democracy and social justice movements flourish.

Our Model: Data-driven, Collective Communications

Building Strong Communities and

We work with a local Member Hub or a Partner organization to foster strong communities and meaningful collaboration among diverse stakeholders. Together, we define our goals and the theory of change, forming a strong network to advance our shared objectives collectively.

Creating Evidence and Knowledge
We jointly create knowledge and evidence with the groups through opinion research, narrative research, social insights, and message testing, aligning our research with the theories of change identified with the groups.

Collective Communication for Strong Communities

Training and Mentorship
We provide tailored training and mentorship to groups at various stages and on different aspects of strategic communications. This helps them apply research insights and scale their communications.

Collective Communications
We work with the groups to design and implement collective campaigns and long-term narrative change strategies using the evidence we have generated. Through this collective effort, we amplify communications to enhance the impact, influence, and reach of the groups and movements.

Evaluation, Learning, and Knowledge Sharing
We collect feedback, evaluate our work, and share our learnings with peers who are working on similar issues.