Our network

At Comms Hub, we work together with our network to drive strategic communications for democracy and social justice. Our network includes:

Member Hubs and Key Partners: These are strategic communications groups or pro-democracy and social justice organizations that share a commitment to data-driven, collective communications. We work closely with our Member Hubs and Key Partners as they actively engage with aligned local organizations and coalitions to implement communication strategies and campaigns for joint projects.

Ecosystem Allies: Beyond our Member Hubs and Key Partners, we connect with diverse actors within the broader ecosystem, bringing them together to strategize and expand successful approaches. These Allies include regional and international networks and NGOs, research institutions, policymakers, tech experts, creative agencies and other narrative change and strategic communications organizations dedicated to social justice and pro-democracy initiatives. Collaborating with the Ecosystem Allies allows us to harness collective expertise, resources, and networks to advance our mission.

Strategic Communication Network

Our Member Hubs and Key Partners

Ukrainian NGO Communication Team

Common Sense Communications

Common Sense Communications, our Ukrainian Member Hub, is a young and progressive team of professionals striving to improve communication and dialogue between the civil society sector and the general public. They’re building broad support for the public organizations and NGOs of Ukraine by growing their strategic communication skills and nurturing intersectional coalitions. They provide evidence-based tools to reinforce hope-based communication with the target persuasible audience.

Spanish digital strategy community hub


Laintersección.net, our Spanish Member Hub, is a space to learn and share about narratives and digital strategies. It is also a community of people who cooperate in fighting hate on social networks and moving towards a better world.

Read more about their work here.

Armenia, Democracy Development Foundation

Democracy Development Foundation

The Democracy Development Foundation (DDF), our partner in Armenia, is the spin-off of the Open Society Foundations, registered in December 2022 as an independent, nonprofit foundation. DDF remains committed to open society values and ideals. DDF contributes to advancing democracy, security, and human rights by supporting pro-democracy actors and creating partnerships based on shared values and professionalism.  Read more about their work here.

Impactful communications for social change.

Well Made Strategy

Well Made Strategy provides storytelling and strategic communications guidance that helps our partners talk with clarity and conviction about their work to increase their impact. We help social justice, philanthropic and development organizations harness the power of good communications to change policy, build will for social reforms, nudge entire communities towards new norms and influence key individuals by promoting the power and importance of good communications to maximize success and create impact at scale. We make storytelling work. Read more about their work here.

Global Network Collaboration Pro-Democracy

We prioritize long-term engagement with our network, emphasizing ongoing exchange, learning, and cross-pollination of ideas and best practices. These sustained relationships enable us to deepen our understanding, expand our capabilities, and collectively work towards narrative change. While our current work focuses on the European and Eurasian regions, we are actively working to establish relationships and expand our presence in other regions.

Our engagement with pro-democracy NGOs and CSOs is not limited to membership. In addition to membership, like-minded groups and organizations can be part of the Comms Hub network through partnerships on joint projects, campaigns, and actions. Civil society, regional and international institutions, think tanks, research institutions, policymakers, media, and opinion leaders aligned with our approach can collaborate with us in joint projects and initiatives to scale the impact of strategic communications work across regions and issues.