Collective hope for the year

Collective hope for the year

2022 was a year of new beginnings for Comms Hub and its team. Guided by the core values of collaboration and integrity, we are determined to build the power of pro-democracy groups and the power of hope. We came together less than three months ago and reflected on the challenges we face and the solutions we can offer to foster democracy, equity, and human rights.

In those three months, we witnessed a far-right victory in Italy, the continuous deterioration of the rule of law and human rights in Poland and Hungary and the devastating impact of dictatorship-led wars against Ukraine and Armenia.

But, at the same time and most importantly, we saw with admiration the courage and determination of our fellow pro-democracy groups facing the challenges head-on and working tirelessly to make our world slightly less polarized, more caring, equal, and sustainable for us all.

As a global network, the Comms Hub’s strength are its members and partners. From working to create a more trans-inclusive law in Spain to building a stronger civil society in Armenia and strengthening democratic values in Ukraine and across Europe, our members and partners are leveraging evidence-based communications, innovation, and agility to support democratic values in societies.

Positive change is possible if we build our collective knowledge to shift narratives at scale. Collective hope and action are the way forward. And that’s what we aspire to build through our work at Comms Hub.

Our founders, supporters, members, and partners helped build a strong foundation for Comms Hub. I am confident that we will continue shifting public narratives in favor of democracy, inclusion, and social cohesion. I am excited about the opportunities and possibilities that the future holds.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year.